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Ever-Power Group Co. Ltd.is originated from Japan with more than 30 years experience in high precision gear and gearbox design, manufacturing and processing. 

The company set up factory in Humen, mainland China in 2002, mainly engaged in manufacturing and design of gearbox and gear with modules between 0.15 and 2.3. 

The factory occupies 6000 square meters with 400 employees, more than 30 technical engineers have been worked in professional design team. 

All company key manufacturing and testing equipments are imported from Japan, like high precision gear hobbing machine, CNC lathe, internal and external high-precision grinder, centerless grinding machine, gear tester, meshing apparatus etc. For international standards, it has reached ISO class 6, JIS class 1, AGMA class 14 and DIN class 4. The company has passed the ISO9001:2008 and TS/ISO16949 Quality Management System. 

The R&D achievements over many years bring the company more than 25 national patents on gearbox design.

EP used to serve the domestic and international famous companies, mainly providing   professional OEM and ODM customized service for high-end customers of gear and gearbox in transmission system and fields of aircraft, medical, automotive, construction, boats and ships and satellite etc., with the products covering more than 52 countries and regions in South Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, Latin America and North America. It has been widely recognized and highly valued by its high-end and picky customers, and thus remains at the top of their vendor lists.