Air Compressor For Medical Industry

Air is comforting, familiar, constant – it’s all over, and that’s exactly the way we like it.

But when it involves compressed atmosphere, you don’t usually get a clean mixture of H2O.

For the same reason your car and your home require an air conditioning filter, a vast amount of the air around you is filled with an unlimited supply of contaminants. The most typical offenses range from Air Compressor For Medical Industry minimal impurities, such as allergen spores and family pet dander, to more serious toxins like carbon monoxide and particle pollution.

Oftentimes where compressed air is utilized, these impurities are negligible; it doesn’t actually matter if allergens get pumped into your vehicle tire or jettisoned through your power washer. When it comes to surroundings that’s utilized throughout sterilized medical centers, however, the oxygen quality needs to be pristine.

As a result, medical air compressors are a useful commodity coveted by all hospitals from coast to coast.