Combination Chains (C55/C55L/C60/C77/C188/C131/C102B/C102/C111/C110/C132)

Combination Chains used extensively in the cement.paper and pulp, quarrying, and mining industries for elevating and conveying a multitude of abrasive and non-abrasive materials.It is also obtaining many uses in general commercial assembly conveyors. It is not suggested for drive chain.The construction of our Combination Chain can be either cottered or riveted. Cottered is generally considered regular. Pins have flat areas at their ends, which lock in to the appropriately punched sidebars, stopping pin rotation during chain procedure.
All pin holes are clean-cored for smooth bearing surfaces and so are dimensioned for proper pin clearance. Industry dimensional criteria are rigidly maintained and this chain may be interchanged with links of various other producers. Pitch sizes range between 1.631 to 6.050 inches; tensile power range ex1ends from 12,150 to 67,500 pounds.
All our factory’s Combination block links except C55 and C55L have elliptical barrels. This provides extra metal where in fact the sprocket to chain get in touch with Leaf Chain causes many chain wear.
Attachments can be found in many of the pitch sizes for an array of applications.
Combination links are symmetrical and could therefore be operated in either direction of travel. Brutaloy and cast steel sprockets can be found for every pitch size.
Our Promal (Duramal) chains have high temperature treated pins with Promal (Duramal) prevent links. Super Promal ( Duramal) chains have warmth treated pins and sidebars with Promal ( Duramal) block links.Chains are also available with block links of the hard Promal (Duramal).