Hydraulic Travel Drive Motor

EP travel drive motor is a ideal speed reduce part in the rotation mechanism.

Due to its compact structure, it may be used in the severely hard installation conditions, The advanced designs as

well as the procedure technology assure the high bearing capacity and the procedure liability Our series speed

reducers can meet alternative of original Bosch-Rexroth* standards. (P.S. Bosch Rexroth is a brand belong to Bosch-Rexroth not belong to EP)

Their principal features and most significant advantages are :

• swing drives with hydraulic motor in bent axis style model A2FM or A2FE motor

• Compact dimensions, space-saving, two-stage or three-stage planetary gearbox design

• Modular design of gear unit

• Robust bearing program absorbing the forces exerted by ttne band gear

• Simple mounting and ease of maintenance

• High performance

• Long Hydraulic Travel Drive Motor operation life

• Integrated multiple-disk holding brake

• Low-noise running