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Gear Hob With Cutting Edge And Rear Angle
Aug 03, 2017

Gears play a very critical role in the field of mechanical transmission, in the giant gear world, from simple to complex, and then to the special gear

There are many forms of toothed, in which the involute tooth is the most common. Involute tooth profile commonly used processing methods have two categories, namely, forming and forming method.

1. Milling

The use of disc-shaped die cutter or finger-milling cutter milling is part of the forming method, the cutter cutter tooth section shape corresponds to the shape of the gear teeth. This method of processing efficiency and processing accuracy are low, only applies to single-piece production.

2. forming grinding teeth

Also belong to the forming method of processing, because the wheel is not easy to dress, use less.

3. Hobbing

Belonging to the method of processing, its working principle is equivalent to a pair of helical gear meshing. The prototype of the gear hob is a helical gear with a large helix angle. The teeth are very few (usually numbered z = 1), the teeth are long and around the shaft to form a worm with a small spiral angle, Shovel teeth, has become a cutting edge and horn angle hob.


In the mass production of shaving teeth is a non-hardened tooth surface commonly used finishing method. Its working principle is the use of shaving cutter and the workpiece was free meshing movement, by means of the relative slip between the two, from the tooth surface shaved very fine chips to improve the accuracy of the tooth surface. The shaving teeth can also form drum teeth to improve the tooth contact area.

5. teeth

The teeth are used in addition to the hobbing of a commonly used method of forming the cutting process. When the teeth are inserted, the shaper and the workpiece are equivalent to the engagement of a pair of cylindrical gears. The reciprocating movement of the shaper is the main movement of the teeth, and the circular motion of the shaper and the workpiece in proportion to the ratio is the feed movement of the teeth.

6. Development of grinding teeth

The cutting movement is similar to that of hobbing, which is a tooth finishing method, especially for hardened gears, which are often the only finishing method. The grinding wheel can be ground with a grinding wheel, or it can be ground with a conical wheel or disc.