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Metal Worm Wheel More And More Widely Used
Aug 03, 2017

 China's metal recycling resources recycling industry began in 1997, is still in its infancy, but also belong to the sunrise industry, although China's metal renewable resources industry has been rapid development, but with China's renewable resources and the amount of demand compared with the developed countries The use of renewable resources compared to there is a big gap. China's waste metal renewable resources development there is still a huge market space.

In the process of crushing the external force applied to the solid rolling, cutting, impact, grinding four. Crushing is mainly used in crushing, suitable for tough material crushing; impact is mainly used in the broken, fine grinding, ultra-fine grinding, suitable for hardening and crushing; Crushing in the brittle material; grinding mainly in the fine grinding, ultra-fine grinding, suitable for small pieces and fine particles of the crushing. The actual crushing process is often the simultaneous effect of several external forces. The series of products in the absorption of a variety of advantages on the basis of crusher, the full use of mutual impact, grinding and other theories carefully developed, according to the user's request to adjust the size of the material particles, scrap metal after the use of finished products use a wide range, Is a real investment in small quick equipment, this device is running a stable power consumption, saving all the user investment costs. The future of our equipment will be a very good product quality, accurate upgrade quality in the field of mining technology to strengthen the market to win a good development space.

Metal Worm Wheel is a compact, transmission ratio, as well as under certain conditions with self-locking function of the transmission machinery, is one of the most commonly used reducer, which hollow shaft worm reducer not only with the above Characteristics, and easy installation,Metal Worm Wheel reasonable structure, more and more widely used. The hollow shaft worm reducer is equipped with a helical gear reducer at the input end of the Metal Worm Wheel to form a very low output speed, Class Metal Worm Wheel with higher efficiency. And vibration is small, low noise, low energy consumption.

1, reducer heating and oil spills

Metal Worm Wheel in order to improve efficiency, are generally used non-ferrous metal to do the worm, the worm is the use of hard steel, because it is sliding friction transmission, in the course of operation, it will produce higher heat, so that parts and seals There is a difference between the thermal expansion, so that gaps are generated in the mating surfaces, and the oil becomes thinner due to the temperature rise,Metal Worm Wheel which is liable to cause leakage. There are four main reasons, one is the material with a reasonable, the second is to engage the surface quality of the friction surface, the third is the choice of lubricants, add the amount is correct, the fourth is the assembly quality and use of the environment.

2, worm wear

Worm gear generally used tin bronze, matching the worm material generally 45 steel hardened to HRC45 a 55, also commonly used 40C: hardened HRC50 a 55, grinding by the worm grinding to roughness RaO.8fcm, reducer normal operation, the worm Like a hardened "rasp", kept cutting the worm gear,Metal Worm Wheel so that the worm wheel wear. In general, this wear is very slow, like a factory some reducer can use more than 10 years. If the wear speed is faster, it is necessary to consider the reducer selection is correct, whether there is overload operation, worm gear material, assembly quality or use of the environment and other reasons.