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Worm Gear The Gearbox Is Well Sealed
Sep 26, 2017

Worm gear box due to its structural constraints, in the operation of the gear wear will be higher than the gear box gear wear. The worm as a major component, when the process is improper and material quality problems prone to failure. And whether the process is good and whether there are advanced production equipment and scientific management have a certain relationship in the choice of processing technology, depending on the different parameters may be different. But not every manufacturer will use the best production process to produce, in the industry is extremely subdivided today, usually focus on a product of the production of a product technology will be better grasp, and the equipment more complete. So the choice of product manufacturers need to carefully consider the time.

Worm tooth hardness greater than 45HRC, core hardness is not greater than 30HRC. The original heat treatment process using 20Cr steel after carburizing salt furnace quenching. After analysis found that: the hardness of the surface of the worm meet the technical requirements, but the core hardness is high, it is clear that the carburized carbon has spread to the core, so that the core hardness of high toughness insufficient internal stress increases, Resulting in cracks and fracture tendencies of the root causes; and we believe that after 20Cr carburizing salt furnace quenching this two-step heat treatment production costs are relatively high and deformation, quenching deformation often need to add a straightening process, the production cycle and The cost is further improved.

Worm gear reducer as a traditional transmission device, the internal turbine worm, tooth is involute. A lot of worm gear reducer users on the understanding of the worm gear is very few, not to mention the analysis of some common problems, the following we and everyone to understand the next worm reducer common problem analysis.

First, the common problems and their causes

1. Reducer heat and oil spill. In order to improve efficiency, worm gear reducers are generally used to do non-ferrous metal worm, worm is used hard steel. As a result of sliding friction transmission, the operation will produce more heat, so that the parts of the reducer and the thermal expansion of the difference between the seal, so that the formation of gaps in the mating surface, lubricating oil due to increased temperature thinning, easy to cause leakage The There are four main reasons for this situation, one is the material with unreasonable; Second, the surface friction of the surface quality is poor; Third, the choice of lubricating oil is not correct; Fourth, the assembly quality and poor use of the environment.

2. Worm wear. Worm gear generally used tin bronze, matching the worm material with 45 steel hardened to HRC4555, or 40Cr hardened HRC5055 after grinding by the worm grinding to roughness Ra0.8μm. Reducer normal wear and tear when the normal operation, some reducer can use more than 10 years. If the wear speed is fast, it is necessary to consider whether the selection is correct, whether the overload operation, and the worm gear material, assembly quality or use of the environment and other reasons.

3. Transmission small helical gear wear. Generally occurs in the vertical installation of the reducer, mainly with the amount of oil added and oil varieties. Vertical installation, it is easy to cause insufficient oil, reducer stop running, the motor and reducer transmission gear oil loss, the gear can not be due to lubrication protection. When the gear unit is started, the gears are damaged or even worn due to lack of effective lubrication.

4. Worm bearing is damaged. In the event of failure, even if the gear box seal is good, or often found in the reducer gear oil is emulsified, bearing rust, corrosion, damage. This is because the reducer in the run for some time, the gear oil temperature rise and cooling after the condensate produced by mixing with water. Of course, also with the bearing quality and assembly process is closely related.