Stainless Steel Chain (SS/SSK)

Outstanding resistance to corrosion and heat that permits use in virtually everywhere
You can find two types of Stainless Steel Chain: SS and SSK. The SS type has the highest resistance to corrosion and heat. Even so, it's created completely of austenite stainless steel and hence its tensile power is slightly reduced than 70% of a typical roller chain, and highest allowable load drops to a bit above 10%.
By using precipitation hardened stainless steel for that pins, bushes and rollers, the SSK style has 1.5 instances higher greatest allowable load compared for the SS sort. Decide on SSK when you need to have more strength than SS, or want longer product existence.
The two styles have equivalent corrosion resistance.
Encouraged employs
?Situations exposed to mild alkaline and mild acidic
chemical agents, sea water and wastewater. A variety of chemical plats and water remedy plants.
?Circumstances of higher temperature
Heat-treating furnaces, dry furnaces, incinerators
Choice of chains
Stainless Steel Chain has decrease normal tensile power and highest allowable load compared for the normal roller chain.
Connecting links and offset backlinks
R connecting back links are used for Stainless Steel Chains #60 or smaller sized and C connecting back links for #80 or larger. 2POJ offset back links are utilised for sizes #25, and OJ back links for all other sizes.
Normal sprockets for Stainless Steel chains could be made use of since the dimensions would be the similar as regular roller chains.
Being a common house of stainless steel, stress corrosion
cracking and pitting corrosion is often brought about by chlorine and chlorine ion (CR-).
The chart on suitable shows the information of tests over the level of corrosion resistance for each medium and does not assure the functionality of the chains. Please take into consideration the circumstances, temperature, level together with other all round scenario when utilizing.

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