Stainless steel Chain

The most common and trusted corrosion resistant roller chains in the world are stainless chains. This is because of the high corrosion resistance of stainless and the incredibly wide range of temps and applications where stainless steel chains could be operated. We have the chain you need. We also offer special stainless steel chains such as MEGA stainless steel chains, 316 stainless chains and customized stainless steel chains.
In terms of essentials, our stainless chains have a heat-treated surface for prolonged service life and better long-term performance and strength.
The pin link can be an outer link of a stainless steel chain and consists of two pins and two outer plates. The "quick disassembly" version of the hyperlink is known as a stainless connection link
The second component of the stainless steel chain is the "roller linkage" or internal linkage. It includes two bushings, two rollers and two inner plates that are precision-pressed to hold all the interior together. You can expect a listing solid bushing/solid roller stainless steel chain that excels.

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