Our long pitch 700 Course Pintle Chain offers optimum strength at minimal weight. It really is totally suned for sewage plant applications as well as other conveying and elevating uses. Sidebars possess casted lugs to fit.
T-head pins match snugly, eliminating pin rotation and avoiding the entrance of dirt and grit in to the accurately cored pin holes. Shut bearing construction also keeps the chain secure from pitch elongation due to abrasive wear.
Riveted chain construction is recommended for sewage application, but either cottered or riveted construction is certainly available on request. Stainless cotters could be furnished when specified. All attachments demonstrated in the below table and n conform to industry standards. Nevertheless, many specials are also available. E mail us for details.
Our 700 Course Pintle Chain is furnished with carbon steel high temperature treated pins. These pins achieve optimum articulation because Conveyor Chain they’re manufactured to exact diameters which properly match the accurately cored holes of the chain links.
Brutaloy sprocket wheels are available. The curved sidebars on 700 Course Pintle Chain are a feature which enhances maximum chain existence when chain is certainly run on Chain Saver Hunting Tooth Sprockets. A, F, K, and M Style attachments can be found. All the style attachments have huge encounter plates wnh bolt holes for protected mounting of wooden flights.
As drive chain, 700 Class Pintle links are designed to travel in the direction of their barrel ends;
as elevator and conveyor chain, they should travel in direction of their open up ends. All our 700 Course Chain is made to manufacturer’s requirements and is usually interchangeable wnh other manufacturers’ chain.
700 WATER TREATMENT CHAINS are links cast of malleable iron or Promal (Duramal). It is a high temperature treated malleable iron having better strength and superior resistance to use and abrasion. Promal (Duramal) chains possess high temperature treated pins.