DC 12V 550RPM Gear Motor High Torque

Product features:
ALL-METAL GEARS, high-temperature Stainless Steel Chain resistance, high abrasion resistance, solid load capacity, sturdy and durable, effectively protect the gear box motor body.
PURE COPPER WIRE CORE ROTOR, with precision winding technology, the geared engine power instant increased simply by 30%.
D SHAPED OUTPUT SHAFT, using high hardness steel, good toughness, impact resistance, the standard of the bearing and the assistance life of the gear motor are improved, extremely durable.
TPOSITIVE-NEGATIVE ROTATION, additionally you can adjust the speed, but the electric gear engine speed can only be reduced, can’t be raised. Low noise and high torque, such as 10rpm can drive 15 kilograms.
POSITIVE-NEGATIVE ROTATION, you also can adjust the speed, however the electric gear electric motor speed can only just be reduced, can not be raised. Low sound and high torque, such as for example 10rpm can drive 15 kilograms.