elevator chain

This is a brief article to introduce certain basic areas of bucket elevator chains and bucket elevator conveying systems to non-technical persons. It describes elements of a system using roller chain & sprockets.
A Bucket Elevator is an economical and efficient inclined conveying system in which buckets are installed on a circulating conveying system, to vertically convey an array of small to bulky materials to successive delivering systems. These elevators can be found across the entire spectral range of industry.
A range of mechanical drives can be used to power bucket elevators such as:
– Direct drive geared electric motor.
– Electric engine drive using V-belt & pulleys.
– Electric motor drive utilizing a roller chain & sprocket.
– Electric motor drive utilizing a combination of the next & 3rd options.
– Geared motor with roller chain & sprockets.
Bucket Elevators often contain numerous buckets attached to a bucket elevator chain by way of brackets linked with a chain bolt in a loose fitting, with sprockets located at strategic points and at the top and bottom level of the unit.