How The Vacuum Pump Works

1. What is the function of the vacuum pump? What kinds of vacuum pumps are generally used in refineries? The vacuum pump is made to create a vacuum in the gear or container that works below ambient atmospheric pressure or high vacuum. Vacuum pumps typically used in refineries consist of steam plane vacuum pumps, water ring vacuum pumps and reciprocating vacuum pumps.

2. What is the working basic principle of the steam plane vacuum pump? It contains a nozzle, a mixing chamber, an expansion chamber, and a pressure store. In operation, drinking water vapor is normally sprayed from the nozzle in to the blending chamber at a high speed (1200-1500 m/s). At this time, a certain negative pressure is produced at the nozzle, to ensure that the pumped gas can be flushed into the combining chamber from the gas inlet and blended with water vapor. And get some good energy from the drinking water vapor. When the blended gas Universal joint stream enters the diffuser chamber, the velocity gradually decreases along the axis, and the pressure gradually boosts along the axis movement until it really is discharged above the atmospheric pressure. Due to the continuous function, the gas in the gear is continuously extracted, thus causing a vacuum (negative pressure) state in the equipment.

3. What are the characteristics of the steam plane vacuum pump? The steam jet vacuum pump entrains the pumped gas at a higher speed of drinking water vapor, so it gets the characteristics of huge pumping capability, high vacuum, simple produce, convenient installation and maintenance, etc. Currently, the vacuum distillation device of the refinery Most of the vacuum pumps used are steam plane vacuum pumps.

4. What is the construction of the water band vacuum pump? What is the working theory of the water band vacuum pump? The water ring vacuum pump comprises a pump casing, an impeller, a water band, a suction chamber, a discharge chamber, and a vent hole.

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