Idler Sprockets: Ball Bearing Idler Sprockets

Idler Sprockets: Ball Bearing Idler Sprockets have sealed ball bearings with extended internal race and setscrews for securing to the shaft.

Projection From Centerline – Due to dimensional variation among bearing manufacturers this dimension can vary greatly slightly when different brands of bearings are used. When you have a crucial application please call for specific dimensions.

Inner Race projection offers 2 arranged screws on long aspect to secure bearing to shaft.

“Basic Dynamic Rankings” calculated according to AFBMA standard for “Long Ranking And Fatigue Life For Ball Bearings”

Accurately machined, medium carbon steel sprockets and precision floor ball bearings are assembled to provide a heavy duty idler for the many severe conditions. The bearings are pre-lubricated and sealed to retain grease and exclude dirt and moisture. They are not re-lubricatable. The extended inner race with setscrew enables fastening to a pin or shaft without collars or spacing gadgets. In addition, it provides clearance for the chain when bolting the sprocket directly to a body member or tensioning gadget. A little sprocket for close quarters and a larger one for heavier service is supplied in each pitch. If sizes other than those listed are necessary, make sure you inquire for quotation.