Ratchets Wheel

A ratchet is a mechanical device which allows continuous linear or rotary movement in only one direction while avoiding motion in the opposite direction. Ratchets are trusted in machinery and equipment. A rachet contains a round equipment or a linear rack with the teeth, and a pivoting, spring-loaded finger known as a pawl (or click, in clocks and watches[1][2]) that engages one's teeth. One's teeth are uniform but asymmetrical, with each tooth having a Ratchets Wheel moderate slope on one advantage and a much steeper slope on the additional edge.

When one's teeth are relocating the unrestricted (i.electronic. forward) path, the pawl easily slides up and over the lightly sloped edges of the teeth, with a spring forcing it (frequently with an audible 'click') in to the depression between the teeth since it passes the suggestion of every tooth. When the teeth move in the contrary (backward) direction, nevertheless, the pawl will capture against the steeply sloped advantage of the first tooth it encounters, thereby locking it against the tooth and avoiding any further motion in that direction.


Angle of teeth 60°

Material S45C

Heat treatment Induction hardened teeth

Tooth hardness 50 ~ 60HRC

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